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So it’s not that hard when your rich.Power-point there is crooked.Ed is quite savage.Amazing how guys are so tough over the internet!Stefan your Aikido is quite well rounded.Intha voice ku adimai like pannunga Summa Voice vera level Ilayaraya, AR Rahman,Anirudh,hariharan,simbu,tr,sid sriram,Karthik,Unni krishna,Ivanga voice yaan adimai.The standards of aikido has been falling like a sack of hot potatoes since the passing of the old generation, those few who knew.

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yeeeeah, awesome to see more people out side. My mate always got me break falling in carparks haha.

jason gee

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Ok even the ghost bleed....




I am one of the many fans of BRUCE LEE (from the very beginning) not those who knew him, much later when his notoriety was perpetuated, long after his disappearance. He is the reason for my practice of the Martial Arts like many others of that time and I continue to agree with him on his philosophy of Martial Arts because it is also mine: to practice or create a martial art which is the reflection of what you are or which goes in the meaning of your research, focus on precision, speed and power to achieve optimum efficiency. When I look at today's Martial Arts, the vast majority of which have become SPORTS, nothing remains on the martial ancestral side attached to Martial Arts where the outcome of a fight often ended in the death or destruction of the opponent. Life or Death were intimately linked to the practice of ancestralMartial Arts, it is also true that these times of age were very different from what we live in our time today. BRUCE, before becoming the actor that we all know, was an assiduous practitioner of Martial Arts to gradually become, himself, a master. We admire his physical abilities, his phenomenal power and his extraordinary speed (remember the blur of his strikes recorded by ultra-fast cameras of the time and that no one has yet equaled until today), For me, there is no doubt that BRUCE LEE could have defeated any opponent or any champion today and made him bite the dust in record time. Era of the practice of WIN CHUNG was very far behind him and even if it remained the base in his practice, he did not stop ceasing to improve and learn, to assimilate all the forms of combat to remove the essential, the best and even improve what already existed, until his death. No one, I believe, has given himself so much in this area and we can only admire him for that and understand the human being, at the same time simple (notoriety has not changed) and exceptional that it was ...


Lmfao Norton is the ultimate annoying casual mma noob who thinks he has some encyclopedia of knowledge lmfao karate made him insecure but aikido made him feel like he had a secret lmfaoooo the bigger man cant fuck with me hahaha

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Tony jaa best action

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Sorry - but this doesn't look like a extremely aggressive style. Just looks like mastery [or should I say, StevenSeagal-kido] -harharhar...