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The best test video of 550D.Naani wali baat jabardast boli.Love the projects!Ok damn man I just like hisvilliany more.He feels just like his father and needs a strong woman to provide and protect him.

Everything was a bit dark and kinda dim.Your list is BS man.Realistically, prison style knife attacks are the norm.God i want just one of then filets.I personally think Lone Wolf would win.The kids are so humble.

BASS BOOSTED EXPOLSION.I HAVE A PROBLEM!I always wonder if it comes to a real fighting situation on streets, that u remember all these technics must guys used to forget or are surprised by the attack.2:31 when a lego steps on u -.He is basicly using muscle memory and 9mm ARs and his guns are overpriced.Good to see vijay devarakonda here.

Your every movie is one hell of an experience!This presentation is really very very nice.One f d most favrt shortfilm.But this is a demo.Really outstanding script excellent performance by both actors.I thought you were a canor mc gregor after losing ufc to a fisherman.

Then you'll know if you're coward.I love this self defence techniques.Because there is always someone better than us around the world and maybe he has no dojo or title won in any martial arts category.S'il vous plait, je voudrais visionner ce film complet quel est le titre et est-ce qu'il est dans youtube?Do they shoot arrows this slow during battle?I think perhaps some of the myths come from just the level of proficiency of the samurai.Love hyper content.Ridiculously expensive.1:42 What mountain is this place?

You two are the cutest!Aikido is a beautiful art that can be practical in a fight doing lets say a arm bar or a throw.Halle Berry doesn't need to train.This guy looks like he did have a good good day and he will still look pissed.I'd have slapped that old fool back into reality.It probably happened just like this too!

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Martin Buinicki

It takes a cat to make a house into a home, and I love seeing them aboard Curiosity. We have 5 in our home,and 10-14 in our barn, so I'm partial! And, oh? Didn't notice much chatter with your "Buddy Boat." What was that about?


And then you hit him with that H U G E T U R N T H R O W

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How to get cancer? It is the answer

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this isnt a real fight it is a demonstration of how the basic moves are excuted if anyone nu anything about martial arts let alone aikido would be a fuckin miracle but 2 many ppl no nothing about the true art or fighting thus the reason we watch mma how many ppl do mma real martial arts such as jeet kune do believed never attack an opponent while they are down( its disrespectful and shows a lack of style) nles it is the finishing blow

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Patty Selma good song

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