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Very envious but loaded with adventure ideas.This is the biggest load of crap I ever seen in my life.Also going to london UK in October for a wedding.Quadruple pontage.

Always riyal king lee.One day I'll take up my Friend Kilamatua's offer and try it.U must attain 1 ft alt for each like lolcool vid, felt like I was in the plane shivering with u.I am going to London to visit my cousins soon.I like the French dub, makes the bad guys sound funnier when they try to attack him.

Onum parayanyila pwolichu.

Onum parayanyila pwolichu.

83 too mere birthday k din ayega.Shahid is 39 u idiot.Thanks for justifying and separation Russian people from their modern government.I don't know spanish much even they colonized my country before.Will use these as I build my skillset.Had dammmmmm I love Italian girls.The other was from the 1969 True Grit shooting locations in Ridgeway, CO that simulated Fort Smith, AR and the Ross Ranch.

I am cook island and i

I am cook island and i

Idk how he does it.Thanks for watching.I mean the opponents are the size of his beard, at most.On the same path!My favorite movie watching it again 2nd time lol.Kia Orana Awesome Ukulele  Song: Aitutaki 4- Darling I Love You .

You answered all the questions and filled in the gaps in my 'Stargate Universe'.Thank you for bringing us along on your hike up the mountain.God I would love to live him.Taekwondo owns kick boxing :)).YAY A Dingy Motor!It’s a drink made out of a pepper called the piper mathisticom plant.


One of the best performances by Spencer!

George Ferreira

This is embarassing but though I'm a stage actor and I like old movies but I missed the Edward Norton wave. But I just picked up a copy of American History X and I watched it last night and I've got to say that's the greatest performance by an actor I have EVER seen. When you can downstage something even as extraordinary as the acting in Scorsese's Cape Fear then you are definitely God. Also all rightful credit for Edward Furlong who starred with Edward Norton in the movie.Let's not get ahead of ourselves though...Come on guys! I'm an actor. You're putting the bar way too high. All respect to DeNiro too who openly praises Norton.

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really great man! really enjoyed it.I'm aikikai, training towards my Black.your videos are cleaning lots of stuff up for me.thanks!

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I see you my beautiful family xx Stay Cool..

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2.23 thats Jackie chan


My family and I went to London in 2018 - WE FELL IN LOVE with London!!!! But guess who's a diehard Star Wars and Indiana Jones fan? Any fan knows that London is where they are made! I made sure to make the pilgrimage to Elstree Studios - I've never been so happy to lay eyes on a building I couldn't get into! We also tried to make it to the Royal Masonic School for Girls, but weren't able to make it there, that's Indy's school. But in Piccadilly Circus is Herbert Johnson Hatters - the makers of Indy's fedora. And after seeing The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's Theater, we went to dinner at Planet Hollywood, where I laid eyes on the screen used Holy Grail! Oh and my last night in London, we went to the Dimco Buildings in White City - that building was the ACME Gag Factory in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? !!!!! It was one of the best experiences of my life!


I'm more shocked by what the crowd of Skrillex is doing. Can anyone explain?

Tim Briscoe

Above The Rim, Pulp Fiction, SelmaSongs, Foxy Brown are some others that I like as well

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This video is trash Pewdiepie is better


and all that awesomeness without stunt double or wires.

fafy farahat

Thanks for the upload of the Movie but the sound kept cutting out.

Captain Surfdawg

youll learn over time let the other idiots boats get smashed, but always save your ship....


After Trump, we need to go back and start shopping head off of this Evil people.

Elaine Silva


girish dhanresha


Amanda Hugankiss


Ninja Entity

2:35 looks like newscapepro was the banana this whole time

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