Channel 4 Continuity & Adverts (21st February 2005)

Bhumi is so proudy of herself she is not at all grounded.4:40, yes it is:).Akshaye is like being in family gatherings.You asked for Aikido techniques, I gave you like 6-7 already, but "that one doesn't count because blah blah blah" and "that one doesn't count because yadda-yadda-yadda".My father in law had a Heart Attack He was operated ASAP and of course it was covered.I really love your videos X3.Dont forget the hell, pain and suffering that thtey package with it as a bonus ).Add m if u are the one.

He also doesn't punch much.From that you have BunkaiWhy are all the lessons from those forgotten in Kumite?Ed furlong always seems to die, hope not in real life.Big doh, on my part.Super bass songa.Love your content!I really enjoyed filming and editing it!A streamer to the face, people complaining about music in the comments, and a DOPE video (for fly fishing).

Ps: i ment this week.I saw the trailer for it, it looks horrible.I just watched bird box last night.I'm getting the idea that you need to duck and time your waves or you will pay a price.I'm a fan of Akshay khanna but I don't think he should've been here man every question he doesn't remember come on man I'm sure you remember something.I prefer it to Indiana Jones jacket.Im listening to you - Im going to add tempo runs.Could Not be other than Estas Tonne.Sara la ta rashem god bless you dhillon veer.Goes well with my Kali training.

One of my favorite scenes.But u need to learn to look others people prospective.This is a mockery.As a new tyer I was jaw on the ground just about the whole video.Anyone on 13 march?Antoine Dodson, anyone?Excited for English medium n bulvulaiiiya.XLENT MOVEMENTS!

Whilst training with a 9th Dan TKD he told us that ALL martial arts are 80% the same, relaxation and breathing with the difference in techniques usedthe 20% that represented difference, I did not understand at the time I do know and I also understand how yoga can vastly improve your martial arts, I am 66yrs old and have recently started Shotokan as a white belt and it keeps my trousers up really well.And wishing I was there!Stay strong cooks all the way from fiji islands cheers guys.Choreographing in a controlled enviroment such as this is one thing, the street is entirely different.Zero intelligence.No taping just direct the UKE ARM AND SLOT YOU THE OTHER ARM STRAIGHT AWAY.Such bullshit, his students are just diving at the slightest touch.

Pavan verma Pavan verma

Ab ke baras very nice movie


Reese De'Whatup w/ that!

Billy West

Seagall is a spineless little pussboy who's useless as a man. It's hard not to just condescendingly laugh at his dumb dyed hair every time I see him.

Carla Morales

I don't think Costa is a touristic attraction in London

David T


Kn Bc


Flavius Josephus

The overture for Lawrence of Arabia alone is better than any music in modern movies.

Jeremy NeeDLE

Yes let's put our FACES in the Cthulhu embryonic fluid

Basawaraj Yalsangi