I've followed you, Ryan, since the dawn of Film Riot.I've been kiting for a couple of years, never took any lessons.To understand you know to soon that he who is not being born is busy dying.Excellent singer for this century.Nice to hear some new info instead of the usual doc that sounds like it is aimed at 4th graders.Keanu as a dog:Owner: who’s a good boy?I just started Wing Chun and 3 months in I'm questioning my teachers when are we starting sparring.

Now imagine how hard it is to try to punch, AND FAKE HIT AND STOP, WITHOUT HITTING!It's a pity that you didn't have longer, but a great episode none the less.The first half this guy just goes up and down the stairs.ANYWAY, WATCH WHAT BRUCE LEEPUNCH DOES, WHEN HE BARELY HITS HIM, JUST HIS 1" PUNCH EVERYBODY KEPT HEARING ABOUT!The best photo you could get would look like an acid trip with your windup kodak disposable.If you keep making movies like that how am I ever going to help a stranger?On another note, this has to be the best storyline in Survivor history.Having said that its better than any film ive made.Very strong fish!I love agentPele.

Yo Jaja, carry

Yo Jaja, carry

I see this as just another sport engendered by the Samurai warlord mentality where the rules cannot be embraced and carried out fully by the majority of those engaged in the sport.Once you were great now you are JUST FAT.I think this game is named plant simulator.Does anyone know the name of this movie?Harai-tsurikomi-ashi0:56:39 Tsubame-gaeshi0:57:46 Kosoto-gari0:58:58 Kosoto-gake0:59:48 Deashi-harai vs.Tofiga-that’s my chief titleEte- and how do you pronounce that?I have never heard such a soothing background music in my lifep.It's also a real bookstore in Washington, District of Columbia.Let the fight begin.

Hey man just make a video with

Hey man just make a video with

Where have I been?Beautiful channel thanks for sharing.Too much about the Kardashians.I honestly don't know how anyone can make fun of just one of these men's age(Biden, Bernie, Trump).So heart touching.We need young people like this.You have a great channel.Charlize Theron is forcing trans on her adopted 8 yr old.

How could I trim my bar lines length

How could I trim my bar lines length

You want it  to be  his turn your turn  no more turns  lights out ?Namibia is superblooking forward to visit some day.Hulk is not akiller.You just don't turn it off!Zero stupide movie.Attacking straight.You do know this is just a demonstration?Since I myself taught martial arts to beused for the purpose of killing others to soldiers during the War, I became deeply troubled after the conflict ended.

Billy F

What the ? This make no sence , horribe waste of film.

Annie Bonifacio

i love Hachico he is a grait dog

Tom Webb

Thanks for the awesome knowledge really appreciate it

Adolfo Pena

Do a redux to include Infinity War and others.

Maria Dolores Jodar Rodriguez

Eso es amor verdadero me hizo llorar pues lindo hachico guapo

Pokemon master pm

So sad


This is so beautiful music videowhy has disliked??

Murray Isabeth

Great...Stunning...Amazing..Just a few superlatives to describe this video. Your best yet. Thank you Jason and Nikki. Just beautiful.

Ashraf Khan

Gaadi gaadi gaadi gaadi gaadi Gaadi gaadi gaadi gaadi gaadiGaadi gaadi gaadi gaadi gaadiIs all what we hear in the vlogs.

Jay Park

Samurais: loyal and honor. very hard to see in today's time

Cynthia Meirah Voormeij

The first clip ( of the hidden fortress) is so awesome!!

stonersimsim 37

GOD bless them all !

angela leory

angela E t'aime


I am so happy to have stumbled across this lil clip. I am a Cook Islander who was raised in Blockhouse Bay area and obviously there weren't many islanders around. I unfortunately wasn't able to know my culture or be immersed in it like so many other Pacific Islanders and don't know how to speak the language, this has affected me so much that I am doing a Pacific Studies course in Uni along side Law. I would love to find some Cook Island groups that I can be part of and learn the culture if any.

S. H.




Go Travel Us

Friends and I will be going next month! Thanks for the guide. BTW do you know if there is parking early in the morning (4AM)?

Marcelo Silveira

the scenes/chapters are awesome, but they lack any continuityfrom one to the next.btw, 20:00 which unit is that? I'm considering starting my W40K collection and I need to chose an army to start, are those regular space marines? or from some special Chapter such as the grey knights the wolves etc? as far as I know, all those paint their armor grey, but I don't know how else to distinguish them yet

kura kaufusi

i miss all this kind of backyard music so love this