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I think of many scenes and dialogues.There is one essential thing that should not be forgotten, we live today in a world where all our main "Heroes" are sportsmen, looking for going beyond, notoriety, recognition, prestige, challenges gold in Martial Arts, all that, a Master does not seek them, all these "things" are of an absolute futility and has interest only for the "human beings" that we are.This song is very good.

Do you want to learn true aikido.Feel The Moment05.You deserve the best laura.Number one will be.This is only one man can do any type of role.

Would like to observe the effectiveness against actual opponents wanting to kill or maim you.Loved the ending!Weird twisting of scripture, but I get why.I like rk character to flirting with girls in dis film.Man, Candice is resilient, how many times does she have to keep getting sent back to exile island?And don't forget to go to Byron Bay!That boy is slow.Midas should try to Wear Gloves like Elsa when elsa wears Glove Her cold power isn't working.For those who are unaware, Claire Voyant was the first Black Widow from the golden age.The Prophet said, 'Leave them.

I don't need to hear

I don't need to hear

My brother's birthday is also on7th of March.Just watch any Gracie Challenge video, or better yet, put out a respectful challenge to other martial art schools (especially BJJ) and let''s get it on video.Hamara kam bhi longewala to tanot ka chal rha h.The ones who post these videos feel the need to show off want people to think there bad.CAN SOMEONE PLSSSS TELL ME WHAT IS THE EPISODE AT 9:24 IM BEGGING IVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND FOR SO.I thought it had a good build up to the climax.Saya mau banget sparing sama bang Iko.Babar okaloti sekhanei dekha rendir bacha kharagpur.

Must be nice to visit paradise with

Must be nice to visit paradise with

Jo help karsakde oh jarur help karo sirf comments na karo.Love love love" THIS IS BLAND.Boooooo stink clip.Piufftutututtututff.Muito bom esse invencion.Bruce Lee was an ACTOR!So this has helped me to feel like im in nature getting better.Absolute tosspot.

Good movie, indo hdr.Please please help?I can already see the drama channels talk about how katy perry new album never worn white being called racis.Indonesia likenya mana.Why don't they just wrestle without getting morbidly obese?Allah yakara dauka kakah aikin kuh yana kyau.Foo the scalpers buy now Foo Fighters tickets presale password is BIGRED 2020.Wtf kind of a justice system is that.SixtyNine dudes!

All you need now is some go fast stripes and the fluffy dice.I love the Cook Islands,I arrived there in summer,it was so beautifull,I hired a bike and rode around the island,then I went Atutaki wow its beautifull,i went to many pacific islands,Tonga,Fiji,Cook Islands,Tahiti and Hawaii,and every place it was summer and something I will never forget,2 weeks on each island,on my way to the US,then back to Tahiti,Auckand then Cairns back in Queensland Australia,I will go back to Tahiti soon,such a Paradise,such beauty.Is that the dude from game of thrones.I saw the turtle I guess turtle told shark not to show because they're recording.17:35 is the funniest shit omg.This is a true masterpiece and one of the best fight scenes of all time.What song is that?This was brilliant!Protect ya neck, da mystery chessboxing, bring da ruckus, reunited, 7 chamber, 4th chamber, ice cream,winter warz,how did they miss these.

Jet li will forever

Jet li will forever

They should have just shown them with bolt cutters.The love story continues.I got post traumatic stress issues.Italy is a beyond words to describe how beautiful it really is.The wielding of the sword opposite down seems not very convincing and effective in an real fight even more if you have tomatoes on the eyes and are dumb blind.It's not the style that wins fights.This video should be called How To Blue-ball.Imagine having to land at night, when there's fog or during a storm.


Oh man, I'm in love with the pilot who was briefing the co-pilots in the start :D

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Even tho i hate painting and decorating or any DIY projects i enjoyed this film

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South Africa is not so slowly and surely becoming Zimbabwe.


Nice camerawork and the good music ads a lot too your video!