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Yo Joe theres alot of things Steven seagal has been caught lieing about.And GT’s to boot!ANIMEAnimation IS THE NEXT BEST THING TO ZOMBIE MOVIES, WHICH I LOVE SO MUCH.I see it in the comments just would be more convenient not having to scroll thru some comments thanks, and nice catch!Sorry am not a troll.LOL awesome guyz keep iht up(:.I stumbled upon your video and wow, what awesome information!The effectiveness of small joint locks is unquestionable, especially in a street scenario where people usually end up fighting and grabbing each other in close quarters combat.

Paji satsri akaal.Did I miss that part or something?What happens to it’s a dog eat dog philosophy on the tubenow it’s a I new it and lick my boots area.(older version) -"I want to introduce you to freedom 55!The "cooperative uke" moniker should be phased out as the practitioner advances in the art, IMO.Thanks for this  educational  video!Who's listening 2020.No doubt you got talent.I guess that's what happens when you don't have the right nav systems on your boat.I'm on of the must falowers of kung fu Wang Dan.

What other monsters will

What other monsters will

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It's "without further ado".Favorite movie all the heroes really rock.A real Karen would have called L.A war is on its way be prepared my brothers.PbTerrance Cobbs.1sharehai,After a long time here’s my new funny prank video.Sorry to hear about you and christian.Gonna start my training soon!In doing so he will relieve the pressure on his left arm and end up sitting up with the instructor's right arm trapped between his thighs.I live on the world's best island.

What form of aikido you practice?

What form of aikido you practice?

Mangaia is way better paradise.The whole plot of Riverdale in 18mins.Michael jai white win!That was really dumb.I think there is more to it then what most people usually think, who also immediately dismiss it.Bullshit that won’t work, stop teaching people bullshit that would get them killed.Diverse don't work.ChannelObsidyenzleyin.

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Minus the single leg takedown, the first portion of this video is Krav 101 you should at least source Imi’s work in my opinion. A grapevine around your attacker’s leg typically prevents your attacker from throwing you by the way.And if he does get you off the ground, pulling your knees to your chest, then thrusting your legs down with as much force as possible will likely return your feet back to the ground and land you in the crucial dropped-weight position. That latter portion, the ground guillotine move?Please only use that as your absolute resort in a street fight you never want to go to the ground in public, especially in a crowded place. You’re just begging to get your head stomped if you do.

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HEY .. HEY ... HEY .. . HEY LOL

David Rodriguez

Forget you know me Jack

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1:01 lol what happend

Emma Nooroa

On point love this song

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Nie ma nic gorszego ni ignorancja. Mnie kole zapa za praw rk, tak, e nie mogem ni uderza. W tym, czasie, zada mi z pi strzaw pici w twarz, zanim wyszedem z osupienia i si wyswobodziem. Napastnicy na ulicy bardzo czsto api za rk, aby j przytrzyma. Bdziesz mia pak, czy n, to pierwsze co zrobi napastnik, to bdzie prbowa ci za t rk zapa.

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Looks like a beautiful city. I hope I can visit someday.

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2 is a good category, but it should have been The Commitments.I'm surprised American Graffiti didn't get at least a passing mention.

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Suuuuuper cinema