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Norton has so much going through his mind, but he has a hard time expressing it in words.And I wanted to say that I often got caught up in the whole concept of not having someone slide off and have there hand land but I assume its normal every so often as long as the power is diminished with the evasion and slide off and assuming that someone doesn't have a bladed weapon.It's also fun to see the familiar places and streets I walk around every day.

Mondain300 Because everyone knows that

Mondain300 Because everyone knows that

It's just that it's a very small one!Norton is a genius.Judo more than a sportp.Very beauty girls.The sad truth is that this man and most aikidokas could be killed easily by a mad 12 year old with a good kitchen knife.101 Dalmatians 2 Patch's London Adventure With Mickey Mouse In It.The hands up to surprise attack demonstrated most of the time is more than enough time for the gunman to pull the trigger.I didn't like this movie.The first two minutes are complete chaos!Dope production w this.

When did they loose their respect for their

When did they loose their respect for their

This guy is a great interviewer.Its been fucked around with and changed too much since tbe founder put all this stuff together and the philosophical bullshit seems to have taken over.160 skiers visited this video.Anyone know why?I just cried while watching this.Student repender 22.It's really funny how they still say the japanese name of it than it's korean name.Kaun 2020 me sun raha hai bhai.Ok this is insane my time in 1600 5:20 and I was 16 when I ran that and he's 8 and would be pretty darn close amazing considering that I'm a pretty decent 1 mile runner in high school.Coz like what they say, aikido is a peaceful Martial art.

The first samurai where whites the majikmirror came from the russ.Or does it change.Should know this as well and take the same shots on his guys but they don't, secondly I'm not gonna stand there and just let you wail on me.Instead she should have gotten the hell out!Uzzy has a glass head.Where was the phone call.Onna Elsa Sven Samantha.Sharing is caring: that bay is nuts.Hello I would be interested to know how Asians as a whole stand about Bruce Lee, how the Chinese perceive him, how the Japanese now view him as a martial artist and as an actor.

Im sorry I'm interested

Im sorry I'm interested

Talking about pain in the neck.I have a limited Aikido background and was always a fan of SS movies.)Second, those waza techniques I've seen in Real aikido, it's very similar like this Aiki Jujutsu.Judo with kicks?How to buy this island?Bruce Lee made Martial Arts famous.Woulda been funnier if Seagal got stuck in his car and couldn't get out and the kid is beat sensless.GET THE HELL out of my way!


I think I like drum n bass now

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Another simplistic understanding of kotegaeshi. No depth.I wonder what Salahuddin Muhammad has to say about this. He has a video calling out people who refer to the Kotegaeshi as a "wrist twist/reversal". "Kote" doesn't mean wrist. It's forearm.

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hahaha jeben spot...pozz iz zga


This is like watching a five star chef whip up something amazing from scratch. What a treat it is to watch Joe work.

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2:42 Shut up, You sound Stupid, Meth is a real Pisces

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In my experience the spitfires (mk V and mk IX) in IL2 BOX will out turn the FW190s fairly easily except at high IAS.

Planet Mars

Me:randomly comes out of computerMe:Takes Happy Meal

Alberto Dodero Santos

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jyrki43 Did you means those Aikido who has been created from Daito ryu Aikijutsu? Make sense?

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Great edit! Check out the best watershades for kitesurfing from our friends at LIP!

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........epic... And the end... !

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Faltou fazer o KamehamehaTem base no.Kkkk.....

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I just love that video

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Brilliantly done! As gruesome as Vietnam was, it was recreated very well. A tribute to Mr. Kubrick and the actors that gave the performances of a lifetime.

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Like si es 2020 y lo sigues viendo :))

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Joe I laughed harder than you bro.lmfao

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