Kote gaeshi, Irimi nage Bruno Gonzalez Kiev 2012 Part 1/6

  Need some ideas for things I can work on that won't take up as much time as in season training that will help me when basketball is over and I start revving up for that first April half marathon.Wow planet duplo the Lego duplo sets shivers.Compulsive liar and a total goof!When he says that the hook is a size 8 he means an 80.

Helena Bonham-Carter-the character who Helena represents in the Harry Potter scenes that are shown here is actually Hermione Granger, not the deranged Bellatrix la Strange.Ukunda iyi ndirimbo ya nikuze natereho like., organized by American Mike Anderson.I love him more than ANYONE!It's film making on an industrial scale.Cuz why bother he’s Tom Cruise should be every Tom Cruise fan club slogan.Because Disney didn't want fingerprints to have his crimes against children be traced back to him.Whenever I hear this sound track it always brings back such pure and happy memories of my sister Dore en.

312 badickl has a crush.

312 badickl has a crush.

Im outa here, too slow.This was excellent a must watch thank you one of the best horror movies I've seen.1:49:31 did it just say retard?I love the work that you produce.Why not Judo instead?And i do boxing with many coaches.

This is our

This is our

My arm is pulsing.A simple pressure point attack will make him let go.There are also many film actors that could also sing well, and Disney could use their money to get them training to be great!By doing so it woke me up and increased my empathy to all life forms on our tiny blue dot in space (earth).Exidantmost wach.I wish I knew why everyone keeps clapping every time the dude playing gold finger opens his mouth.I love the hotairballon at finsbury park station.

Not a fear or

Not a fear or

Highly appreciated!Leave it to Colbert to TRY to make humor from whatjustmight be a major disaster.Yiannis Kouros holds the 48 hour world record with 294.This guy is a master of his craft!This circular motion prevents a punch from getting thru and as you showed you get "off line" at the same time.That phone call was from vidhu only.Steven Seagal looks like he's 7 months pregnant.They don't look Maori to me.


Top stuff,very inspirational!

Shalan Sharma

Sammy u looks great always may God bless you always

Milgo Mohamed

Who else is still waiting for a part 2

Dallas Wood

How you gonna call me out like that on my poop time.

Travane Ferguson

It bad yf dawg

Gabriel Croft

Both of them are very good fighter but I prefer Donny yen is better than Tonny Jaa.

Aaron The Baron

I'm in Law enforcement. this looks like koga

Edie Summer

a best Italo Boot Mix Song from 80er


Going there in 6 weeks can't wait

James Che

Can you make a video about how to choice a martial school


Are any for these atolls in habitable or if I go there I'll get blown up by a volcano

Cristobal Cruz-Salinas

I wish the UK never adopted this shit y'all dont want the problems we had growing up in America I care about black youth everywhere not just the states

Tellys Hernandez

extraordinario documental

Just A YouTube Fan



My favorite song i like this

Phongsathorn Deetua

Looking forward to Monster Hunter Movie. Hope he will do some of these moves in it.


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I was on Guam back in 1973 to 1977 Loved it