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And to put it with Pink Floyd as well.Seagal is IMO pathetic.I love how Tina is very subtly agreeing with Keenan as he is berating the new cast members.

Man, this one was awesome!Great interview :).If you have a set between your legs and you’ve trained long enough you’ll know what to do when the time comes.Vava’u e Tongatapu e.

Mouse" I love

Mouse" I love

They don't even shoot anymore.Great and beautiful movie all the way.The color of that water.It’s all Bullshitto after all.'Die Hard' rip off, James Bond 007 rip off.If I were to try to verbalize it I would say that you control your opponent without trying to control him.And I still like to watch it over and over again.

Or at least

Or at least

Uz to niekto pisal pri inom videu.Very well done, as always!REPENT NOW TOMORROW MAY BE TO LATE.I live 30 min from the nearest Aikido dojo.Your a liar" when he says blatantly outrageous lies?Why would she eat his food she had her own that is messed up i would kill her for that.The music is in Seven Kingdoms, is it not?

Kuj khaas ni movie.

Kuj khaas ni movie.

Who the hell wrote the subtitles.I am new in super bikes in Pakistan.Enjoy a good squeeze hahaha.This gives me good memories.Maybe the best one yet.His personality, his character.Is Above the Law a true story?He is speaking bullshit about Zipolite, he has obviously never been there.

For my money that should have been top 5 at least.Personally, I think ceremonial archery works against accurate shooting SO fuckin much.Bhot vadiya video bai.Mixed with judo stuff.Please make more.I'm never drinking lemonade again.It's not even worth arguing about their subject matter anymore, I know they just have to find something else to talk about to justify YOUTUBE paying them forthe 19mill.

Only, I never wrote a love

Only, I never wrote a love

It’s a shame he was never cast as Batman.Australia has bigger bones .One of the best interview that i’ve ever watched.Fantablus thank you from a senior citizen i may need it some day O DO U HAVE TO B STRONG OR AM I TWO OLD AT 77.HE BETRAYED THEM!Makes me angry how they talk in front of Zach like he's not there.Kudos to the team, please make another one.

daniel ainsworth

back when seagal actually thought in the scenes, now its a stunt double these days


and i can do siko and ukemis :P need more practise...


An actual Karate instruction got killed when she tried to disarm a guy with a gun.

Mark Tonna

12:00-14:40 - Really cool to see Brendan Fraser talk about Looney Toons Back in Action!

KlutzyNervus 1

2:11 pencil shouldn't have inhaled the frog's fumes

Gagan Dev

Vikao Mediaa Vikao Sardar .. Muh Chuk ke Tur pee interview lean.. Par Jo chonde c oh hoya ni

Dnal muir

this is just ju juitsu and aikido

Lorenzo Lotti

Please, the location?

Jacque Aebisher

L'efficacite dans la fluidite !!!

Landon Bigelow

Aikido is great against weapons (particularly swords), but that's about it.

Mantu Kumar


Billy Roeseler

Great job of embracing the many dimensions of the sport

EvaS like show

Ha ha ha

Brendan Mahoney

How long can BARACK OBAMA live hear until  " Authorites or POLICE " catch up with him MICHELLE for crimes against AMERICA  !!!!


I've been missing this song and forget the title, thanks dude!!!!!

Jonathan Suldo


Aimee Apio

Gives me 3% vibes

ben hur

Gorgeous family Conor! Go Eire!

Michael Rivers

8:54 One stood before the changing of times.9:01 One kept hope in the midst of staggering odds.9:05 One faced challenges and grew in understanding. 9:10 One endured and held firm to conviction.All are remembered.

Michael The Maven

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tarek moutran

That was not my point. I sad that, because people are debating wich style is better, I mean there is no sucj thing as a better style and it is pointless to train only for self defence for the majority of people. Today, people are coward, if you beat him today, tomorow he will come with 10 guys over you, if you kick their ass, next day they come with guns and kill you or some body of your family. This is why I thing self defense against gun is good to learn, but it is not the most important thing

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