M.I.A. - "Bad Girls" (Official Video)

Hit the like button if you agree that it is the 1 park in the world!I am going to buying with the Angela Google Home on Amazon for iphone and cause mass confusion!I practice Taekwondo at the red center where I live at and I’m at the green belt and I’m really excited and ready to learn new forms and do new things and work hard!All based on assumptions, the most important is that the recipient cannot counter it.We also have a new video on the channel!

Waheguru maher kresari team

Waheguru maher kresari team

Available early June.Also going to london UK in October for a wedding.Pencilmates food isG O N E?Love u, an miss YOU this is gettingconfusing can't wait to see you!It affected me a lot.THE BEST YEARS TO LIVE - 50,60,70, IF YOU DID'NT LIVE THOSE YEAR'S THEN YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU MISSED, GOOD OL DAY'S.For some memories of loved ones past and present, my only hope is that our language is still kept alive.

Even morihei ueshiba was in a mafia like construct killing ppl back then when he then oriented more into a peaceful life with aikido.Theres not enough free play like there are with two boxers in a ring.I truly say that I would only ever fight for Honour as I say to my students "there's no glory in honour" so look for none!Beautiful Aazaan.58:33I like the traveller nasheed.It does seem that what I have been taught is more direct and feels more comfortable with training atemi.Both Gandhi and Nehru had said back then that if in the future the need arises for the Constitution of India to be amended to protect the religious minorities of neighboring countries by granting them citizenship then that has to be done by all means.I lived in Peterborough many years ago and I would love to see it again.Aj otii opet,leba ti,podsea na boru orbu,al je za nijansu manje ogavan.

AR Rahman sir and Shankar

AR Rahman sir and Shankar

I feel like if your gonna give an opinion and fact about a culture it should be a person or people from that culture to make it more personal.MAITAKI ATUPAKAAAAAAAAAAA!Ipki8i pm iopopooLpoplLLL look lll KLM toku klinikLLlllLllollllolLollolool.Baszottul kurva j ez a film.And have a great day!The man has skillz with a Z.Thank you for making this!Sorry for the rant.

I see a lot know it all's

I see a lot know it all's

It was sunny, no clouds.Why he look fat and old.All locatians listed1: 0:36 loot lake2: 0:40 paridise palms3: 0:50 retail row4: 0:56 salty springs5: 0:58 wailing woods6: 1:22 haunted hills7: 1:56 broken castle8: 2:22 tilted towers9: 2:37 junk junction10: 2:44 tiled towers:clock tower11: 1:25 tomato town 2:10 tomato templegot a 100 on the geology test.We will be waiting for your approval.This will get you kill in a street fight i do a lot of mma an this will not work.You have to have him on the show.Jai Chatrapahti Shivaji Maharaj, We are really proud of our maharaj.Good job Ray - keep up the good work!

Bad movie i

Bad movie i

Great composition as well.Lucky if you ride.How much is it a night or a week price?It’s like watching Bernie Sanders hitting the bag.Too much unpredictable situation can ruin the movement flow.You just ruined the movie.Dude these waves are pretty gnarly.

Community of cousins?One of the most beautiful coastline in the world!2:15 the style is wing chun and the fight he does is made by ipman the sensei of Bruce lee.Progressives never bring up their rhetoric of "sustainability" when it comes to topics like immigration.Ironically the stuff he does in his movies is all really basic crap that you learn in the first few months of Aikido.Beautiful story.

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Eko Nurhuda

2:11 the sign says "Welcome to Pulau." In Malay (Indonesian, Malaysian Malay, Brunei Malay, and Singaporean Malay) the word "pulau" means "isle". I'm curious what is the meaning of "pulau" on that sign?

Kam Kaur

Very nice family God bless you all Amar ji we waiting for your wife when you married we are expecting to see that role (from UK)

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I view aikido as three different types: The practice, the religion and then the americanized version. There are people who believe in the mysticism of... aikido to do like those 'wave throws' of energy which is bs. Then there's the americanized version which is where you hear people say "Come at me. Nonono, come at me like this" and then you have the practice which realizes it's not the most effective form of fighting because it's not taught TO fight, but to defend if anything.


I was going in a different direction. I thought it had to do with something he had done when he was married. Remember he got divorced.


keanu reeves is god, if you squint your eyes real hard-combat wombat

Edward Wiltz

If he says rebar one more time I will die laughing

Leah W

If you make a part 2, maybe narnia?

Pentu Prager

Real title "Martial Artists That Are Actors" Remove the martial arts practitioners before they bwcame actors for a true video.

Albert Burton

A man who, in a video of this field, openly says "I never had to fight on the street" has to be worth listening to!Humility and peace, almost forgotten nowadays in our world order.(And his smile at the end is the best part of all!)

Mountain Snow.

Japanese first firaarm was imported from Porutugal on AD1543.Some country were using firearm during age of civil wars.Samurai were made their own style forfirearm then these style had been in member of Kobudo.

Nika AAA

Omg im sovenian and i didn't exspect Slovenia to bee in this video at all...finaly someone discovered us

karthick jason

2:37 cute , intha song lam trend aagidathe


What if the suspect only uses one hand to strike?

Vinodray Gondaliya

Beautuful Lack!!!

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Ashly Li

Don David

WOW MC SHER WITH THE BEST DIALOGUE where our dreams come true, that’s where there struggles start AWARD WINNING DIALOGUE

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Akshay kumar kyya konsy film hain please

Francesco Marmani

Y la gente donde esta?

Rachele Valsecchi Lopez-Gibson

This is NOT a love triangle! How disrespectful

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The samurai is the most strongest character in world history.And the most understanding human figure I know.Akira Kurosawa was the most prolific filmmaker on the planet.His work, Seven Samurai, proved to be his ultimate masterpiece.Hence why I delve deep into warrior culture at its finest.