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Amal Sunny 0:56.Untill today I have not seen beauty like her.The less I have to prove, the more Aikido shines.Ne tuias pokalbis.I’m sorry but did Clarke Gable stunt for Sean Connery at one point?I Love all animals.BUT IT WAS ME, DIO!- I searched searched arround.

Nice job but the story is quite common.Ver baki sab tik a knt pr kudi sonhi nhi broo tere hage feki a.Montenegro country 34.Dang I want to fish Hawaii so bad I’m not really big on eating.The end 5:20-5:24.

Edward "I'm a whistle blower" Snowden.Cause I’m British.Seagal is not a pretender!Jeff's excuses for her being a hero is bull shit as well.Not a single david lynch film!Ho piantoHo pianto moltissimoE non mi vergogno ad ammetterlo.The first one that guy was out for what he said.8:27 si mang jun.

Other than that, this top 10

Other than that, this top 10

This was before medical science discovered blood types, but did have an inkling that blood is NOT all the same, as the good Dr.I love your song and Happy new year.Thank you I’m a fan of this great actor!Thanks for the video!Star trek is a good example of how we as species can accomplish anything, how hard the challenge, how hard the resistance, we can do it.

Just watch any Gracie Challenge video, or better yet, put out a respectful challenge to other martial art schools (especially BJJ) and let''s get it on video.I’m as a big of a Dylan fan as there is, and Edward Norton and I must’ve watched two different Don’t Look Backs.Even Frazer you can clearly see the impaired speech.Kagemusha cage a moosh ahOof, not even close.Sleepy pencilmation.I’d love to know the story that inspired it.

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Nice. App

Tu Electrical Tutor

Long time no see Mr Wahoo! Nice song


the cameras of bondi rescue 1:02 :p

Abhinav Tripathy

No mention of 96, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Dear Comrade/Geetha Govindam


Super cool

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Jako rakhe saieya... Mar skahe n koi..

Dru Lindsay


len mito

Purque so e u pensomatiu quiacontese aza

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No bottom paint

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Lords are used to people letting them win.They throw a tantrum when someone fights back.

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happy bday shraddha

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I'm obviously team shadow If u dont get it then look at my name

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I'm love Frozen 2 ,


hell yeah

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change the title, ya fucking moron! get your own shit straight.

Nature Films

The mavic air perform at its best!

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u make us proud uncle cookislands all da way loud and proud

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