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Bata bing bata boom!Maybe you can do a video on positioning, foot work and distance.This video is amazing.

PbPJtheBestGamer.Views toh dekho.Do you use the Mavic Pro 2?I wanna be there in the future!Great job of the flying around raro.Why did God kill Pencilmate?

There is nothing wrong with giving credit where credit is due and this is one of those times and places.Agree power is needed but so is flexibility speed n technic If you only had power without any speed flexibility or training would that be enough?Gw pling suka film ini.Ive been to the US Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico.Mvg doesnt look invnicable any more.Wellington is my home twon.

Rubina md

Give us dubbeb hindi

Nizamuddin Syed

Stanley Kubrick more than a director.


Only talent is the 1st one!!

Russell Scott

after exhaustive research and an upcoming video to be released to the masses i have concluded NO ONE moves to Pitcairn. The islanders are con-artists and thieves. They ask for $500 to apply to live on Pitcairn...1000's have applied...only 1 has been accepted. No one but very few actually land on Pitcairn, they are famous for shutting down the port at the last minute and then rush out to sell Chinese made trinkets that say Pitcairn on them. And on and on and on...the truth is coming and the island will not recover.

King Hamlet

Succeeded HERE



Hemraj Dayma Dayma

Come to kuchaman city sir

Nenad G

interesting to watch, but unrealistic!

Prasanna Prasanna

Super movieD Boss

Bodio Ganbold

At 13:00 is that young Kap???

Jkd Buck76

Nah. American Kenpo would have been better. The Gorn captain throws a punch at Kirk and leaves his hand out in midair....Kirk grows a mullet, a gut and adds 20 patches to his uniform then slaps the Gorn 24 times and then restomps the groin.

Crypto King

At what point does the engine lose oxygen and not run anymore?

eat Etopia