The Finale - Justin Bieber: Seasons

5:51 if i go to hug keanu reeves and theres a 100% he'll hug attack me im going for it.FOLLOW US:- Good actor Nana patekar.Hitchens should stick with philosophy.Amazing video, congratulations!Climate change is undoubtedly a fact it also is a fact that the rising CO2 levels are caused by humans!

I remember him

I remember him

Very good job you have done.Don't agree with everything you said but most of it is good as for the future of the human race that's not totally up to just humans!Betoch DirmaBaxame Dase Elalale.My dad loved this sound so we danced to this at my wedding together father and daughter dance.Drugs keep ya young.Great vid its like the whole season but only good parts.Some Sailors are a breed unto themselves, I see it many times where boats are left to go ashore then drag their anchor with no one on board ending up a disaster.

  He replied, " You are lying, I can see you right here on my screen.Yeah I couldn't understand most of the words.WHY WAS THIS WOMAN WEARING SHORTS IN THIS MOVIE.Try shooting in manual!That is sooo elsa!

Emiway bantai love you.He really needs to stop now.Meaning we are all one.During its last flight the inside engine quits causing the outside one to do all the work, it looped in toward me, no control.British India start agiddu yavaga n shivaji sattiddu yavaga.When I was young and studying karate, we got a clinic with sensei Tsuroka, 10th dan.Love the videos.

Niyar R Barman

SHUTTER ISLAND??????????????????????


BEST ...What Turkey????....package tourists....but Greece is Special..

1:21:38 1:28:09 I LIKE IT AND I LOVE IT

snouty snouterson

How on earth does this have dislikes? And so many?

Creators Mayhem

I love whale sharks they're so beautiful.

Calimdon Morgul

German Hawaii basically.


Wasn’t to angry on endgame or infinity war

Vipitha k u

Doodland is a favourite channel


I don't even feel like the eruption solo should even be a real solo. I'm not saying it's bad I'm just saying it's just a random stuff with some bends that slow it down then it starts back up with some crazy shit that sounds totally different from before. It has to go together and just everywhere on the fret board

Hema Latha

Quality of sound very bad

David Dingvean


Turbo World

Never said Dam so many ways in my life, watching this video.

naaz arshad

Make a vid about coronavirus

Mahir imam

Where is kriti sanon movie...

Harry Louthan

Fuc you