Bruce Lee is a scientist in martial art.Pity "Hand Jive" was cut short as the band had just started rockin'.Ja znam da sutra stvaram samali nisam siguran da cu bolje nego tida cu sebi pomocibolje nego ti.Papa's story, OMG, I was crying, the way he narrated.Throwing punches and striking has existed since the beginning of time for survival.

No one could ever beat Bruce Lee.Is this supposed to be funny.It is not best but it good.Loving from Indonesia.And also MATILDA.Very beautiful though.Gentlemen's dab rules purely I mean agent peely your a good man.

I taught this to a server that came in to work with bruises on her throat.I am training this sport and it is awesome:)).4:08 "and it sent me to start researchin' bootyism" hehe.The foot work is the key element.The Q400 is just as quiet as the ATRI love this video and the quality of the audio.Bt big fan og ur.Gouging a person's eyes, crushing their windpipe, and stomping on their head isn't the best option for most real life situations.DO NOT TRY AT HOME!I can't combine MMA with other branch from traditional Asian matrial art.

Why the accent dubs tho, a normal translating or a sub would be better.And then I found minase, poke and other yummy stuff at thesuper brown shops.Lagunya siulannya masih tidak bisa kulupakan.Quem vai querer ficar deitado na trilha do trem.Aaa cute nurse nte smile.The best that ever was or will be.Cause it's cheap!It makes you look weak and a fraud.

The best guide for Iceland!Now I have much more self awareness and more importantly, no false beliefs.All drama feels real so what's your problem Eddie Bravo?I’m Caymanian and was impressed by your mini history lesson, thanks for sharing this with the world.Belter, but hard for laymen thus could be dangerous to use for the latter.Some really nice technique.Waiiiiiit u forgot about deadpool.Love the guitar solo.It is not just wrong, it is a felony, and Schumer should be arrested.


...Is that Naya Rivera in the Xxtravagants ??

Chris Stephen

What a fun day

titilawesome moon

sunscreen typical tourist fuck up

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Tom segura gang wya

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Like video


I am extremely proud to say that I trained under GrandMaster Steve Mohammed! Started when I was 3 years old (now 37). My mother, father, aunt and uncle trained uner him also. Great and unforgettable lessons learned. He is an amazing man.. BKF4Life

Karim Captan

Im very impressed with the quality, well done

Crazy Lego

oh my god four seater sports cars always get me hot and bothered. And damn I love how long the door is as well.

Spurex 2 2


Gagan Judge

Who calls themselves sifu? So pretentious! Look at them going at it towards the end and trying to grab each other. No one fights like that. Just looks silly.

Neil Dawson

Awesome man, that would be so much fun. Thanks for uploading. Good tech btw

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Bana abone olun